Epicor Function Security Model

Epicor Functions Security Model / Setup be like



Remindse of when we baby-proofed the house when we had kids. While Baby proofing wasn’t new to the 1990’s, all the gadgets and locking mechanisms were.

Nothing more annoying than opening a cabinet door and it stops dead after only opening an inch or two - for you to reach in to deactivate the lock.

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Don’t forget the toilet seat locks in the middle of the night. :grimacing: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Lol definitely

I just thought it was funny cause we ran it o this today. Write function DB… Dbcontext doesn’t exist go back out add the table you need
Call BO BO not available exit back out add BO
Can’t call method need to add assembly
call baq can’t call BAQ go back out enable BAQ

All done looks great try to call it can’t call won’t show on the list…it has to be enabled it in the current company

Try to call it via rest no go needs to be promoted to production

Still no go… needs to be added to the API Scope


I get it… I do is just haha a lot!! Geez


I found Epicor Function Scheduler useful for small automation.