Epicor Functions

I believe that Epicor Functions are nothing but the centralized C# only functionality that makes it re-usable at programming level.
Is there a way to replicate SQL Stored Procedures / Function Code in it ?

Functions operate within the application layer and not directly on the database layer. That said, you can do a ton of things with the app layer. Your choice of tools just depends what you are wanting it to do.

Isn’t that basically BAQs? I mean, it’s all widget/UI based rather than typing out T-SQL, but that’s the main way to access the DB layer from ERP. I personally abuse the hell out of BAQ’s.

C# LINQ calls are another way, and offer more power and finesse. I’ve personally never used them in Epicor.

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I understand it. So my point isthat can we (technically) replace stored procedures that are being used in SSRS with Epicor functions and link the SSRS report with this function ? If yes, is there any guide available ?

What you’re describing is more analogous to a BAQ report or a plain old baq wherein you can design your data source as a BAQ and invoke it like a stored procedure to get the report. You could use the rest services to access the baq outside of the application if desired