Epicor Functions and BAQs - the sequel

I am working on BPM project that I want to call a BAQ in a Function. I think I’m close but seem to be stuck at the moment. With the help of the information in the post https://www.epiusers.help/t/epicor-functions-and-baqs/68858 I’ve got the base BPM built and have it calling the function. My BAQ has 3 required parameters.

Everything seems to be doing what it is supposed to up to the time when I invoke the Ice.DynamicQueryExecute BO Method. I have confirmed that the queryDS tableset has all the data retrieved by the Ice.DynamicQuery.GetByID method and the executionParams tableset contains the 3 records for the BAQ parameters.



In a server trace, I can see that the BAQ ran and that it returned one row as expected.

What is the simplest way for me to confirm that the dsQueryResult contains the columns of data that I am expecting from the BAQ? After I know that I have the data returned, how do I get the values from individual columns into variables that I can then work with?

Thanks in advance!

I found some examples on working with datasets that helped me achieve my goal. This was the article that helped me across the finish line. Updating fields from any custom BAQ in Epicor ERP 10 BPM