Epicor Functions issue


I created an Epic Function library which contains multiples functions. I have a weird issue with one of my function. The function have 4 IN parameters and 2 OUT parameters:

Param1 => Int32
Param2 => String
Param3 => DataSet
Param4 => Int32

Param1 => Boolean
Param2 => String

When I click on the “Check Syntax” button, the message “Syntax is OK” showed up.

In another function, when I try to call my initial function with the following parameters:

var obj = this.ThisLib.InitialFunc(myInt, myString, myDataSet, myInt2);

When I click on the “Check Syntax” button, I received an error message:
Argument 1: cannot convert from ‘int’ to ‘string’
Argument 2: cannot convert from ‘string’ to ‘System.Data.DataSet’
Argumant 3: cannot convert from ‘System.Data.DataSet’ to ‘int’


Without seeing anything else, I would make the guess that your parameters are in the wrong order. Confirm that your function call and the function definition line up, int to int, string to string, in the same positions. And make sure there are four of each, though that should be a different error message.

Hi Gage,

Nope, parameters are in good order…




This may not be related but when I call a function from another function in 10.2.600 (so feel free to disregard/correct me if Kinetic 21 uses different syntax), I use the code

this.EfxLib.YourOtherFunctionLibraryName.YourMethod(yourParam1, yoursParam2...)

whereas you are calling


which makes me think you might be attempting to reference a method within the same function library as you’re calling from. In that case, it might be looking at the request signature of a totally different thing than you’re intending to target

Hi Aaron,

I’m calling my function inside my library, not from a BPM. Actually, I have multiple functions in my library calling each other without any problem except for this one.

The signature of the function is exactly the I call called my function. I included screenshots in my previous email. Maybe I’m missing something lolll



I’m not saying this is the case here. I’ve had issues in the past where after I started developing I add a parameter to a function. After that point I get errors like this. I’ve never figured out exactly how to trigger it to report it to support.

I forgot to tell you, I’m in Kinetic 11.500



It looks like you may have added the parameters in different order and then changed them? and the signature never updated?

Hi Jose,

That’s exactly what I did :frowning: Any solution???



Just call it in the order it wants :stuck_out_tongue:

var obj = this.ThisLib.InitialFunc(myString, myDataSet,myInt,myInt2);

Or just deleting the function and recreated it will do the job loll

Thank you guys :blush:



Can you force a signature to update?

I don’t know how except by forcing a save and a promote but since then, I deleted my function and recreated it and it works…




If you will be able to repro the issue, could you please send the exported library to me?