Epicor functions reference problem


I have an Epicor Function Library which contain a refence on:

  • Erp.Contracts.BO.Part.dll
  • Erp.Contracts.BO.PartRevSearch.dll

In one of my function, if have the following instruction line:

  • foreach (PartRevRow oneRow in partTableSet.PartRev)

And when I click on the “Check Syntax” button, I received the following error message:

  • The type “PartRowRev” exists in both "Erp.Contracts.BO.Part, Version=… and 'Erp.Contracts.BO.PartRevSearch…


Did you add the table references as well? Usually I add the bo, the service, and the table reference to avoid banging my head against the desk

This is a well known issue in Epicor some DLL’s have conflicting declarations and can’t be used in the same project. Since one of them is just a search BO I’d remove that reference and just use a Db lookup or query to find what you are looking for.

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Hi Aaron,

Yep, without any success, the only solution I found is to use “var” instead.



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+1 use var. For example the below compiles fine:

Hi Jose,

If I use “var” instead, it works… But thank for the suggestion :blush:



It may cause other issues later on so keep an eye out var does work in some cases but not in all particularly if you are using the BO’s extensively.

There are several threads about this in the forum.

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