Planning for the Browser-based world, Kinetic

Now that 10.2.700 is out and people are playing with the AppStudio, what strategies are you using to move from a .Net client to a browser-based world? Many of us have simple customizations that hide, move items, rule rows, etc. and those should be easy.

What about BaqViews and other .Net customizations?

What are the equivalent versions in Kinetic?

Have people called functions in their .Net customizations in preparation for a move to Kinetic?

It would be helpful to put together, “What I did in .Net I do in Kinetic like this” table. :thinking:


However Kinetic / AppStudio is in such a constant state of change that I don’t know whatever we throw here will hold for a week, let alone a month

IE in 700.2 they change the way the entire customization parent / child relationship is made / stored etc

It may behoove us to wait a bit until it stabilizes but great idea!


Yeah, I don’t expect to have solutions just yet! :rofl:

But I wouldn’t mind if we started a list of things that we do today in Customizations and then worry about solutions as we get there. Something like:

  • Row Rule/Conditional Formatting
  • Add a Column to a table
  • Add a “tab”
  • Publish-Subscribe
  • Pull in extra data not in the current dataset
  • BAQ Zones/Tool Tips
  • All Search Functionality: Quick, Named, BAQ, Advanced, Data Tags, Enterprise, Predictive
  • Open With… (Context Menus)
  • Call Functions
  • Refresh Screens

Feel free to add customizations that you do and want to have a path in Kinetic below…


Nice thread @Mark_Wonsil. I agree with @josecgomez . I tested a few things in 10.2.600 and behaviour was not consistent. I thought of changing one UD table customization. As we are missing Copy Paste/Insert with Kinetic, I dropped the plan. I moved one of the customers from QAD/MFGPRO to Epicor by showing copy Paste/Insert function as one of the key things. Now have to find different spin.:blush:

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Customizations such as:

Toolbar Management,
Addition/Modifications of Menus,
Adding Grids and binding with Data

Since in 600 Version, they have provided the Disabling Feature of Kinetic, can we expect the same in upcoming versions OR we need to ultimately re-write the whole bunch of stuff ?

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Ultimately ? Yes, they don’t plan to maintain two different UI’s forever. My impression is you will have a nice long time to migrate, but that already they have put the current UI on low priority.

–Whining– If Epicor rushed to boot people off old technology we would have been booted off MT and moved to Public cloud a long time ago… –whining–


@Evan_Purdy is certainly correct… but keep in mind how long it is taking to just retire Crystal Reports…

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This is also my concern, they have stopped the support of EpiSSRS Tool long ago but this is still available for Custom SSRS Reports…

I was on a webinar the other day and Application Studio supports the following functionality:

Embed widgets/websites into forms
Rearrange fields
Add row rules
Add and remove fields
Add tracker panels
Add conditional colours
Set default values
Add validation logic
Add process flows
Make REST service calls
Use Functions
Add Foreign Key Views
Embed dashboards and BAQs
UD Table forms

Not tried most of this but thought i would add to this thread…oh and E11 apparently is coming around June 2021 and it will be fully browser based for those that don’t want to run a local client

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According to Epicor support, embedding dashboards and calling BAQs in a kinetic application is not yet possible. :frowning:

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We have about 10-15 customizations where we are callng BAQ’s in the Code Behind.
Probably in E12 ???


if you are asking about Code Behind Functions, then Yes, those are Abundant.

I’m suggesting you can replace calling BAQs in customizations with calling BAQs in Functions to replace that functionality in Kinetic.

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I think @Mark_Wonsil has gone from being the “move it to the cloud” guy to the “move it to functions” guy. :wink:

Move it to Azure Functions or AWS Lambda Functions

(There, got my Cloud Cred back…) :cloud: