Epicor Implementation

We are going through the early stages of implementation. An idea has been raised to use the Projects functionality within Epicor to manage the implementation project. I’m wondering if anyone else has used this approach before and ideally had a template project job with a logical structure already defined that we could use?

Hello Simon,

Interesting idea, although you would have to do a little of the implementation to get Projects up and running. There may be people who have a MS Project file around. If you have DMT, the left hand navigation shows the order to load tables.

Personally, If you have M365, then I like creating an Implementation Team and use Tasks. It makes the implementation more interactive instead of funneling all of the work through one person.

Mark W.


I’ve never used the Project Tool specifically, but I am almost positive in integrates with the time and expense entry form… Which I find to be one of Epicor’s clunkiest forms, however, from what I can tell within the many other Epicor form’s I have been in. It does seem like a good way to link all of your Project specific Orders, POs, and Jobs together.

So it really depends on if you are looking to go with Epicor Projects for time management, or if you are looking for the ability to track different aspects of a project such as Orders, POs and Jobs.

There is a little known program within Epicor called the “Implementation Checklist” which you should check out. I have used it several times on larger projects where we needed to have one place for everyone to access. It is a blank set of two tables:

  1. you can create multiple checklists
  2. in each of the checklists, you can have many separate items. Those items can be tied to specific menu IDs (setup programs) and have status on them.
    I have even gone so far as to pre-populate this with a complete list of all the setup programs and user IDs… then created a dashboard to monitor the progress.

You beat me to it @timshuwy. There is also the import MS Project option as well. ERM, it was there in 9, I have not looked lately, will confirm when online.

When doing the implementation, it is critical that all users have access to the tasks in one form or another. Using teams and planner in O365 can be good, but not everybody wants to get O365 for their entire organization.

Sharing Excel spreadsheets can work, but then you run into sharing issues and who could/should be able to update the information.

I’m not sure the project/task list would work within Epicor. If you have a separate instance that you won’t reload, then you could use that. Doing it within an instance that is a testing/development environment would mean you could lose data.

Whatever you end up using make sure that communication can flow to those who need to be part of the discussion. We have used Teams for our change management project, but have decided to switch over to an IT support ticket system. We can run reports and add/remove CC’d users that allow us to make sure items are not forgotten (or untested!).

If your IT support ticket system supports REST (and most do), you can do both since Teams is iFrame friendly, er, aggressive. This is what I want do do with our Ticket system. Keep the users in Teams and let them manage the tickets there.

We used a tool like Smartsheet web app so all could easily manage their tasks listed. This tool allowed communication between users so tasks could be assigned for each part of the implementation project and we combined it to a ticketing system (not connected between them… ;( ) , so IT department (well myself and a colleague) could address issues and modification demands…


From my limited experience, I have found that a combination of a waterfall and agile approach to work best for implementations ( been part of 2; PMed 1 and team member of the other).
Using a tool like MS project or excel to maintain dates for the phases and major milestones of the project and then a tool like Jira to list and assign different issues/Tasks to project team members. Within Jira the phases can be listed as an Epic so you can see how the Tasks line up with the due dates of the Epic.
The high level view that MS project provides can be used to show the steering committee and the Jira tasks and epics are used with the project team.

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Hi Tim

I like the idea of the Implementation checklists, I can see there is a function to import checklists. I don’t suppose you have a complete list available?

There’s an Implementation Guide on EpicWeb that is pretty thorough.

Hello @timshuwy

I have created and saved a sample checklist (Check List Entry)
and added some details (description, user ID, menu ID, comments, training URL).

To get started and test the functionality, I added myself to the User ID field.
But how can I test this checklist?

There is no pop-up window when opening this program (for example when opening an Order Entry), notification or sub-menu command (under the Actions menu) where this checklist can be run or initiated…

How do I link /tie a checklist to a specific program or where can I see these ready-made checklists
Do you mean it can be set via Menu ID … ?

For example, if I create a new checklist for Order Entry and assign Menu ID for this,
can this checklist also be found in the Order Entry program ?
In the Actions menu?

there are no ready made checklists… this is simply a place to add your checklist to the system.