Epicor Method Tracker Calculations for Unit Costs


I am looking to determine what the calculation is (BAQ perhaps) that is driving the row of Unit Costs in Method Tracker when user goes to View Costs. This is as much information as I can get from field help, which doesnt help me get anywhere in terms or calling those fields in a BAQ. Please help!

  • Material
    • Field Name: MaterialUnitCost
    • EpiBinding: PartRevCosts.MaterialUnitCost
    • DB Field: (blank)
  • Labor
    • Field Name: LaborUnitCost
    • EpiBinding: PartRevCosts.LaborUnitCost
    • DB Field: (blank)
  • Burden
    • Field Name: BurdenUnitCost
    • EpiBinding: PartRevCosts.BurdenUnitCost
    • DB Field: (blank)
  • Subcontract
    • Field Name: SubcontractUnitCost
    • EpiBinding: PartRevCosts.SubcontractUnitCost
    • DB Field: (blank)
  • Mtl Burden
    • Field Name: MtlBurdenUnitCost
    • EpiBinding: PartRevCosts.MtlBurdenUnitCost
    • DB Field: (blank)