Epicor Professional Services Using 3rd Party

We’ve used Epicor Professional Services for many projects since going live on Epicor. We’ve always worked with Epicor directly and they’ve assigned internal resources. This time around a 3rd party reached out to us and Epicor has us working with a 3rd Party. Anyone had that happen with Epicor Professional Services before? I was caught off guard a little bit when the resource had a non Epicor email and was from another company. Not opposed to working with the company just didn’t expect Epicor to farm that out when the request was put in with Epicor directly.

Yes, we sometimes do this when we don’t have enough resources, or if the item being worked on takes special talent that the 3rd party possesses. That said, the work is being done under the guidance of Epicor’s PS Group, and should have an Epicor Project Manager involved. Also, all billing will still go through Epicor. If you have any challenges, Epicor is still involved.

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Got it - thanks for the clarification @timshuwy.

Same thing recently for us, no issues working with a 3rd Party consultant instead of Epicor. In fact I believe they may have some experience that Epicor does not so it has worked out well for us.

Same experience here. Some good contacts were made with these groups.

The kickoff call with them went well today. Like I said in my original post I have no problem working with a 3rd party. Just had never had Epicor roll something off to a partner of theirs. And Epicor didn’t mention that they would be doing that. Thanks everyone!

The only thing i would add is from our perspective (Regional PS Managers), If you get a request from a group/individual you were not expecting and we (Epicor scheduling) have not informed you ahead, dont hesitate to ask your Customer Account Manager. We have individuals who claim they have worked for us but they are not authorized to do so. We have a list of authorized partners and services people we use.

Just to add to the thread, most of the time third parties are ex-epicorian, you are still in safe hands… :slightly_smiling_face: