Epicor To SalesForce Update

We’re currently trying to integrate Epicor and SalesForce and one of the things they would like to do is update only what’s changed in Epicor.
We’re going to be running our middleware on a schedule; using the Epicor SOAP web services, how would I determine what’s been updated in Epicor since the last run so that it can be pushed to SalesForce for updating?
Off the top of my head, I was thinking that changes get written to UDXX and the middleware pushes whatever is in UDXX to SalesForce, then deletes the records that it pushed from UDXX. Am I overthinking this?

Have you considered using Data Tags? I think they are a very under appreciated feature of the Epicor 10+ toolbox.

On most keyed fields, you can right-mouse click and see Tag Record. Here you can add a shared tag or a private tag. On most search panels, you will see a Data Tag tab. Here you can search for a tag. Works great.

One can set or remove a Data Tag within a BPM. So, you could create a BPM that sets the tag when you want to transmit a record (check to see if any fields change) and then clear it once the transfer process is complete.

Food for thought…

Mark W.

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Both valid approaches. One of the tricks used a lot both in Erp 10 and others is the SysRevID. Under the binary covers, it’s just an auto incrementing long over a table. Do a
select * from Ice.Tip order by sysrevid desc

You will see the last update to that table at the top. Make it a ‘top 1’ and grab the last record, grab the SysRevID. Now you have something to compare to on the next ‘diff check’

select * from Ice.Tip where sysrevid >@lastsync

voila, changed records.

The only thing you will miss are the deleted records. For that you need to save off all deleted records in a list of some kind and flush on sync.


Thanks @Mark_Wonsil and @Bart_Elia.
I’ll explore both of these!

Bart’s solution handles deletes where the Tag Record solution does not, so…

Mark W.

I have written far too many syncing systems :confused:


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