Epicor Virtual Summit - 08/22/2019

All, just a reminder that the Epicor Virtual Summit is on tomorrow.

Here is a link to the Agenda.

Hope people find it useful.

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I’ll be manning the REST booth with Olga :wink:

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Umm… I am a bit out of the loop here, but interested in the topics.

I see all the Twitter promotions.

Is this something we can view on a live-cast or link?
Will the presentations be available during, or after?

To register. Login to Epicweb and click on the Register Today button on the “Sharpen Your Competitive Edge” Banner.

It is using onlineexperiences.com. I am assuming that the webcasts will be recorded for later. But feel free @Bart_Elia to chime in for the Official Epicor perspective. :slight_smile:

There is also a chance to win a free ticket to Insights 2020 (only open to U.S and Canadian residents) :expressionless:. Login and check out the T&C’s. It is still open till 31 Aug.

A great concept and some really good content, in particular the 50% discount to upgrade from legacy HH to Epicor Mobile Warehouse for on prem and a smaller one for Cloud if I remember. Nice demo also.

Finally you can share and revisit the summit site till November, there is really more content than you can digest in one day.

Finally, Finally…Thanks for running it Epicor.

Cool… thanks for the extra info and looping me in! =)