Epicor Web Access Login Error


Been a while since I’ve needed help but here I am reaching out again.

I just deployed EWA, I can access the login page but when I try to login I get this error:


Hoping someone could point me in the right direction, thanks in advance!

Try coping that dll from your regular environment to the ewa folder.

Was worth a shot, but I think it made it worse. The page is no longer responsive at all.

Now I’m getting version mismatch error when attempting to login. I tried modifying the default.config and entering both 3.2.500.0 and 10.2.500.14, but neither seem to work.


Turns out there was some update files we missed. After adding those I received the version mismatch issue, then I was able to copy the DLLs over as suggested and everything started working. Thanks for the help.