Epicor Web Access URL Parameters

Anyone know if it is possible to pass a parameter to a form url such as PO tracker to automatically load a PO number?

Yeah there’s a thread about this somewhere inhere… do some searching but I know its there.

This was the only one I had found prior to creating the post but it doesn’t give any idea what the parameter would be.

Hmm there’s one let me see if I can find it.

Your search skills are poor sir! LoL :smile:

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This comes across as extremely condescending, even with the smiley emoji. I once searched for days through dozens of links on e10help and many other sites for the solution to my problem. I couldn’t find the answer to my specific version\language, and at my wits end, I finally posted here for help, only to be told by Jose to google harder.

This killed my topic. There was no further discussion. If you didn’t want to answer, you could have remained silent and a new discussion might have ensued that was more encompassing and up to date, and it could have stood as a new place for people in the future searching to find an updated answer. But mostly, it just left a bad taste in my mouth.

Versions change. Languages change. Methods and functions are deprecated, better solutions are found. Not everyone is a Gold Star Dev that can solution the world. That’s why we come here. To gain knowledge and build solutions, and then in turn, we share and contribute back.

I eventually pieced together the solution to my problem. I found the key to what I needed on stack exchange, as none of the multitude of topics I poured through on e10help quite covered my exact scenario and I kept hitting dead ends. I built my own comprehensive documentation on the topic, but that knowledge won’t be found here by future searchers (poor skills or not).

If you want this to be a community that flourishes and grows members that contribute back, let other people provide answers to questions if you can’t be bothered with it. Now, I have some email notification preferences to adjust. /soapbox off

EDIT: Jose reached out to me directly, and everything is resolved. I really do appreciate the response, and hope I didn’t come across as overly bitter, it’s been pent up for a while, and it came out rather abruptly. I’m really sorry (@tkoch) for taking away from your topic. I asked Jose to modify or delete my response so people searching in the future don’t have to jump over it, and he said, “I don’t want to hide when I screw up” and refused to change anything. Total integrity. I have gained a wealth of information from e10help, and I’m happy to give back where I can. If I can get freed up today, I’ll compile and post what I came up with and we can see if it applies to your situation, Theodore. /last soapbox, I promise

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Ah I didn’t read far enough down on the Launching Specific Epicor Module post, thought it was just for desktop shortcuts based on the title. Thanks Jose

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Lee I was being funny… I don’t think @tkoch too offense to that… I did give him the answer after all… If I ofended you @tkoch I apologize.
The reason your post "died’ was because you didn’t come back and said you had no luck this has indeed been addressed several times before I was trying to point you in the right direction.
Sorry you took it the wrong way, I would have gladly helped you further or others would have too if you had followed up and said I can’t find it. Like @tkoch did, I will try to turn down my sarcasm if that’s what turned you off sorry dude.

I really wasn’t trying to offend you or anyone sorry @LeeB my responses are always meant to be helpful and the one I gave to you clearly wasn’t helpful to you. I’ll work on making sure that when I do say “go search for it” it is understood that you are welcomed to ask follow up questions if you can’t find the answer.

Haha I’m good, takes a lot to offend me.

By the way, the solution to this is to add ID=[record id] as an extra parameter to the url that calls the form.

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Does this work for all forms? or just PO Tracker?.. #Curious

Only tried PO Tracker, let me try some others.

:heavy_check_mark: PO Tracker
:heavy_check_mark: Order Tracker
:heavy_check_mark: Job Tracker
:heavy_check_mark: Quote Tracker
:heavy_check_mark: Job Entry


Resurrecting this topic to ask: is this possible to do with Kinetics at all?