Epicore 10 - PO or Invoice Tolerance

Hi Epicor User group,

We are on Epicore 10. This is my first post, so hoping I’m doing this the correct way. Does anyone know if there is any out-of-the-box, delivered functionality for PO and Invoice Tolerance?

For example, for matching, we may want to add a 1 percent tolerance if a PO Line and an Invoice line did not match -so they could still get paid.

I’m new to Epicor but not ERP systems. I saw some references to a BPM tool you would need to use? Is that a technical or functional tool?


BPM (Business Process Management) is a system built within E10. It allows a user to design a BPM to intercept the normal flow of data, and do various things (like stopping if a value is more than 1% above another).

You were right to ask if there was any “out of the box” solution first. As often there is, and it’s usually better (and faster) to use built-in functionality than it is to make your own. Having said that, I don’t think there is a “PO to Invoice tolerance” setting.

Nothing shows in the Modules -> Finance -> AP tab in the Company Config window.

There are 2 tolerance settings, but neither are for what you want.

Making a BPM can be tricky. “Simple” ones can be done without knowing any programming languages. But having some programming background would help in understanding the flow of information within a BPM.

If you want to simply stop an AP invoice line from being saved when the invoice line amount > 101% of the PO line amount, that’s not to complicated.

Thanks Calvin - really appreciate the additional detail. Good to know


As always, the devil is in the detail.

Ask the people that want his functionality, what should happen when the Invoice amount exceeds the PO amount?

Stop the price change, and revert back to the PO price? This would not allow your Invoice lines to add up to the invoice total. Which would prevent it from being posted.

Your options are to enter values that match the PO and not the Invoice, and then deal with the vendor complaining that you under paid them.

Or to force someone to:

  1. Unreceive the Receipt
  2. Re-Open the PO
  3. Unapprove the PO
  4. Change the price on the affected lines
  5. Re-approve the PO
  6. Re-receive the Receipt
  7. Enter the invoice with matching amount.

Topic came up today and looking through the Company Configuration, I see:

Did this not exist in previous versions? We’re on 10.2.700.