Epicweb Down? (Nevermind, back up at least for me)

Is epicweb.epicor.com not responding for others or just for us?

EDIT: Back up now, looks like.

I just tried it, and it worked for me. tried: https://epicweb.epicor.com/



http://epicweb.epicor.com/ does not work for me

Not working for me either

EpicWeb seems down for me also…

Me too. @josecgomez how about you?

Nah I reject all evidence above and claim it works for me… let’s keep testing… we definatelly need more Me Toos! before I’ll concede. :rofl::expressionless:

Getting closer … I get the prompt for credentials… And eventually the page loaded.

Seems to be back for me. #teamjose

(It did take about 25 seconds to get on)

Welcome @rhardiman!

When I clicked my Favorites link, the password window came right up, but then it took a good few beats until the website loaded.

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Seems it’s down again.

I just checked and it seems ok.