EpiUsers.Help Insights 2020 Panels

As we have done the last few years, we have signed up to have 2 back to back Customer Lead Technical Panel sessions at Insights 2020 these allow members of the community to participate and present in mini-sessions to share insights, techniques and cool tips, tools and tricks, as well as help lead Q&A session.

If you are interested in Participating or Presenting please reply below or send a PM (to me or @jgiese.wci, if you are shy) and we will co-ordinate with you, do you have a cool feature that is seldom used that you live by? or a new way to use an existing tool or technique? something outside the box? Inside the box? Something cool?, Something useful? Something new? A burning question that needs answering and you want a panel of people to try and help with?

We will need a few (~4 or 5) people to participate and present on a short topic (10-12 minutes) as well as help answer questions in the Q&A Panel, for your efforts you get a percentage off your Insights Conference Registration.

We already have several members that have expressed interest! What do you say? Give it the old college try?

Face your fears!


Thinks about


Cover Epicors FileImport, FileExport, CSVReader, CSVWriter Client Side Helpers, so the next time you want to write to a UNC Path, its best to use the ExportFile Helper Lib so it saves the file as the Service Account, to a path the User might not have access to, so the FileTransferLib uses a BO on the Users Behalf, if I understand correctly, same like Attachments it uses the Service Account on IIS. Would be my only motivation to dig and learn it


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Another thing I just wrestled through for a week was Child/Parent Relationships adding UD03 to JobMtl or JobAsmbl, in order for the events to fire and filters to work, there is a special Relationship you add differently using JobLib.

Remind me to add that to a slide atleast :slight_smile:


Its not the same like adding it to OrderHed or OrderDtl or JobHed because the JobLib handles the RowChanges differently for JobMtl, JobAsmbl etc… so if you are a child of JobMtl then you need to register it diff.

Not to mention adding a New Button to the Context Menu when someone Right Clicks on the JobMtl Node :slight_smile: and as you showed us in the past Jose, show the Children underneath of JobMtl tree node.


i suggest the REST subject, practical examples of using any 3rd party software ( proper user interface different than BAQ/Excel) to make all types of REST calls, and see how we can handle different types of returned errors and exceptions.

Is this only open to end users, or can consultants who work for partners submit ideas?