EpiUsers Insights Get Together? (Sunday, Vote again plz)


Hello Everyone,

It is time to start planning our get together (if its happening) quick poll to see those that are attending Insights and if they would be interested in a get together with other members of this group? Quick headcount we’ll help us determine if we need to get a venue or figure something out specific like we did last year.
If it’s going to be just 4 cats then we’ll just play it by ear.

Insights Group Meeting?
  • I’m Attending and Want to Meet
  • I’m Attending but no thanks… you got cooties :sneezing_face:
  • I’m not attending and I will be sad and lonely :sob:

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Still time to change your mind if you want to meet!


All right we have enough interest where we will try to do something. It will have to be Sunday Night after the reception since every other night is pretty much booked.

So if you voted above to come, can you respond to this poll whether Sunday night works for you?

  • I’m in for Sunday Evening
  • Sunday is No Bueno :tired_face:

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Once we get official numbers I’ll call around and see what we can find.

We have the solutions pavilion opening up that evening which is a decent time to see some people from Epicor. I forget if it was fully staffed that first night, but there may be some who want to check that out for a little while. What time are you thinking? I’m game for anything. Can’t wait to see y’all!

Not sure yet, we are trying to figure it out. Its hard to find a place in Vegas but it would be probably after / at the tail end of the reception.

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I’ll look around. I thought you were staying in the penthouse this year… should be more than enough room up there! Rain man style.

hahah! that did happen once many many years ago when they had the conference at cesar. I checked in the hotel at like midnight the night of and everything was allocated.
So they gave me a grand suite with a damned buttler, I had 3 bedrooms, a grand piano it was amazing.

The moved us back down to “reality” as soon as a room opened up 2 days later, but man those were some awesome two nights.


What was the first song you played? :smile:

well though I’m fairly rusty these days, I did Fur Elise and Ode to Joy and a couple others :stuck_out_tongue:

haven’t practiced in years though so wasn’t all that


I would have played…
(By the way, the woman dancing here is Lenny Kravitz’s Mom - Roxie Roker.)

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That’s insane hahaha

I’m in for Sunday night.

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Im in for sunday night.

That happened to me to my first Insights in 2012 at Ceasar’s Palace. Man it was a nice suite, felt like a Queen for about 5 hours before reality kicked back in and first session started. Good times.


Having dinner with Customers, could come over later with the customers.

I can’t make it this year, totally bummed about that!! But you cats have fun, I’ll miss seeing ya’ll :cry:


We will miss you and your fancy suits!!!

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Same here. You all better step up with the Dad Jokes!

Meanwhile, Rob and I will open a cold one. After a while, we might even start our own conference for those who can’t go called Outsights. :thinking:


I’d like to attend both Mark, please don’t overlap!

If you’re having a cold one, then you better invite me! It’s too hot here…LOL! And I won’t be in Vegas either :frowning: