Error in Updatable BAQ for ResourceGrpID

Version 10.1.400.14

I have made an updatable BAQ to update the JobOpDtl_ResourceGrpID field and the JobOpDtl_ResourceID field. When I update the Resource Field, it works fine. When I try to update the Resource Group field, I get this error message:
Severity: Exception, Table: JobOpDtl, Field: , RowID: bb8c0ce9-7b09-4208-998b-c960746c11b7, Text: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: key
Query returned 1 row(s).

Any idea how to fix this problem?

Interesting that the Field: is empty in the exception.

Can you export the query?

Not sure how the logic is staged in there, but generally, an adapter will set the Group, perform some logic, then set the Resource. Are you setting the group before the resource?

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I think ResourceGrpID is one of the fields you also have to update the description. You may have to update ResourceGrpDescription on your own since it looks like it has been fixed in a later version.

I like what you are thinking, but there isn’t a Resource Group Description on the JobOpDtl table. I tried updating the RG and OpDtlDesc on the JobOpDtl table and got the same null value error.

In most of the items I am trying to update, the resource is already set (pulled in from copying old jobs) and we are trying to add in the Resource group that is the parent of the resource that is already listed.

Here is a copy of the BAQ

OFB-Mast4.baq (68.8 KB)

I don’t see it in the database, but if I use field help I see a field called ResourceGrpDesc


I think the problem you face is the same as this thread.

PM @Dmitry_Kashulin to see if he can forward you the solution.