Error when resetting up Insite Manifest on Epicor 9.05.700C

I had to rebuild my Epicor 9.05.700c server from scratch due to our current server crashing. I have all of the Insite Manifest software installed on the new server and have it so the Freight Services works in IIS but I cannot get past a FedexCom.Registry error and I don’t remember how I fixed it before. Just wondering if someone can help.
The error is: "The automation server for FedexCom.Registry is not registered properly. Please reinstall this server or try registering it again. (5893)

Any help would be appreciated.


Jill Schoedel

In 2018 I had to rebuild our 905.702 and I had to have Insite do this because there was something tricky about doing the registration that I could not get done.

I was actually able to have Epicor help me. I had to uninstall the InsiteShip Carrier Integration Components and the InsiteShip TLS Broker Service. Then reinstall them. That was it:>) I took some notes this time so hopefully if I ever need ti again I have my notes:>)

Have a great day!

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