Error while creating Part Revision with DMT


I am getting the following error message while creating revisions with the DMT: “PartRev Msg: The following fields may not be different from the Base Revision values:
Effective Date”

The frustrating part is that I have used the same template for months and never had an issue. Aside for an update to the DMT recently, I don’t know of anything else that changed.

Does anybody know how to correct this?

Thank you,


sounds like you have Alternate Method(s) where you are trying to set the Effective dates. Can you remove the data from the Alt method rows?

That’s been a big problem lately. I would try reverting to an old version and see of that’s what the problem is.

Did that and still got the error. I also get a “Change Description is required” which was not he case before, forgot to mention.

I was able to load the data with an older version of the DMT but I am not super comfortable with this as (hopefully) new versions bring fixes and I might be missing on them if I keep an old version.

And normally I would agree with you. But it you search around a bit, you will see there are pretty significant problems with the newest versions of DMT. One thread here will give you an idea.

This is good information, thank you. That is why I put (hopefully) between parenthesis :wink:
I am keeping a copy of my good old version 40.0.25 in a safe place if I don’t get those templates to work with the latest version.

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