Establishing Credit limits on National accounts

Does anyone have experiences in setting up Credit limits on National Accounts and does it work properly? We are not really sure on the setup involved and want to test it out thoroughly

There are multiple ways to set up the credit limit, do you know what the general set-up you want is?

As an example, you can have 1 global credit limit for every customer in the national account or you can have separate credit limits for each customer in the national account.

Could be both depending on the account right now


You can setup one credit limit for group of customers too.

We tried to set them up but found that the available credit calculation was wrong where there were existing open invoices on any of the child accounts (which is all the accounts that we want to configure this way). Support has so far refused to accept this as a bug - they asked me to post it on kinetic ideas because why should the available credit calculation calculate available credit, clearly that’s an enhancement not the actual core functionality of having credit limits in the first place? Anyway, we may still decide to go ahead with configuring the national accounts and just manage the credit limit manually until the existing open invoices close out.

But as far as HOW to do it, its pretty easy.
Just follow KB0074790 and then KB0104254