EWA configurations are missing all the labels and postbacks

Im trying to get ewa working on our test environment. Everything appears to be working except the configuration. There are a few configurations that I can pull up in ewa but all the labels are missing. From Epicor in Configuration Entry when I select actions\Deploy to EWA, no files are being generated. If I open a form and select tools\Generate Web Form the files are generated in the EWA directory. I have tried several different MetaData output paths in the Company Maintiance form. These are my current settings.

Any ideas on what Im doing wrong?

Just an update because everyone on this forum is so helpful.

I put in a support call for this issue and the tech reviewed our system setup and was unable to find any issues in the setup (but does not work correctly). They think it is not fully working in 10.1.500.27, but cant find any documentation indicating such. I tested this on 10.2.500.3 and everything works as expected.

FYI, I have seen situations where EWA configurators will fail without error. This is because when you deploy your configurator, it generates JavaScript… but if you have any code that is “no allowed” you will not see an error. For example, I accidently left in some c# stopwatch code in a configurator. When that happens, the Javascript simply stops running, and never finishes what it was supposed to do, but it doesn’t throw an error to the user.
Did your configurator ever work in EWA? You might try a very simple configurator entry screen to make sure that it works.

No, EWA has never worked(for us) in 10.1.500.27. I did create a simple configuration with only a text box and a label with no other code and the label did not display.