Excellent article about what the future of hybrid computing should be

Hybrid cloud, meaning some on premises and some off premises, is already the default architecture for IT and has been for a while now. However, until this point, hybrid has been seen as that interim state on a journey to what many might condescendingly call “cloud maturity” en route to full public cloud. But now it seems IT leaders realize that hybrid may not be a transitory state—it may actually be the preferred state.

More customers are looking at hybrid as a permanent state because of the welcome flexibility it brings to IT, allowing organizations to use existing architecture in their data center while still taking advantage of cloud’s benefits to optimize costs and extend on-premises IT capabilities.


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For SMBs, we often think that environments are not transitory. We do the same things thinking the world isn’t changing. It’s tough for us to manage our systems and we just hope for some terra firma in these high seas.

Very true. For humans too. We strive to establish something we can control and count on, and delude ourselves into thinking that’s possible, just enough to be upset when it changes.

I admire not only the disruptors but also even just the people who cheerfully surf the changes and don’t expect stability.