[ Experts Corner Request ] Customizing with Language Packs in Mind

Anyone with better understanding - up for creating a Experts Corner Article sharing the best practices (pros/cons) of Customizing Epicor, BAQs, BPMs and Reports with Language Packs in Mind?

Such as what not do to vs the proper way to support let’s say English to Spanish:

  • Hard-Coding Label Values is a NO? How to make use of Translation Table
  • Hard-Coding Label Values in SSRS Reports? Whats the proper way
  • UserCodes to support Translation? (CGCCode Column)
  • Hard-Coding Grid Headings in UI and BAQs and Dashboards
  • Hard-Coding Messages in (MessageBox) in a Customization
  • Hard-Coding Messages in BPMs (Exceptions, InfoMsgBox)
  • Is there a special naming convention one should use to differentiate btw Custom Labels vs Epicor out of box such as _c

I think it would be sufficient to pretend we are going from English to Spanish and how to handle 1 example in UI Form, UI EpiMessageBox, BPM MsgBox, Grid, BAQ, Dashboard, SSRS, RDD…

I nominate @Rich and @aidacra - perhaps even @Bart_Elia :stuck_out_tongue: @josecgomez

Who do you nominate?

  • Rich Riley
  • Nathan Anderson
  • Olga
  • Bart Elia
  • Chris Conn

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I would add Product Configurator too.

In Customizations, you can use Custom Strings. A more general solution would include the translation system routines. And don’t forget about Culture settings. We run into several bugs that assume a US formatted number in data conversions when working in European
Cultures. I have lots of thoughts on I10N.

Mark W.

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In addition what about UserCodes, I see they do have a CGCCode column. How do you make use of it to support multi-lingual UserCodes.

YES! User Codes as well. I have not thought of using the CGCCode column. Hmm. :thinking:

When I need “User Codes” with parent/child relationships, I use UDTables. Not sure if it makes sense to have an associated UD##, UD### Language table… More hmm :thinking:

Alright @Rich you have been nominated. @Bart_Elia and I have voted for you :slight_smile: - The poll is now closed.

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