Export to Excel - BAQ grid

Howdy folks,

We are doing some testing on 10.2.700 at the moment in preparation for an upgrade from 10.2.300.

Exploring some of the kinetic homepage BAQ grids where you can export straight to Excel, which will be a better option that copy to Excel and open, as some of our operating environments (terminal server) don’t have Excel installed.

What I have noticed is that after exporting to excel from the grid, only 100 lines of data come through on the export.

Does anyone know if this is a fixed limit or why it would only be bringing out the limited amount of data?

I believe that this limitation is being fixed in Kinetic 2021.2 so that when you export to excel, you will get all records, and not just what has been displayed.

Damn, its a good feature if it was fully implemented. We have a number of terminal server users who can’t open directly in Excel due to it not being installed on the server itself. Export direct lets them pick it up elsewhere and open.