Export to Excel limited to 5000 records

Having an issue with Kinetic exporting to excel. It seems that a grid view is limited to 5000 records when exporting to excel. Is there any way around this limitation? In app studio the only things I see related to export to excel are “file name” and “number of pages to export”. I can’t set a “number of pages to export” because as records change I’ll have no clue how many pages I’ll need in the future.

You could use BAQ export to csv or XML
Rest call from Excel to pull in the records.

BTW - just because you refresh a grid view in Kinetic doesn’t mean that all the records will be copied into Excel.
You have to scroll to the bottom of the list…

Bruce is spot on here. Just because 'That’s the way we’ve always done it" doesn’t mean that it’s the only, nor the best way. Take this upgrade opportunity to improve your processes.


I figured there was something to do with how the grid loads. So I figured out that limiting the number of pages to export gives me 500 records so basically a work around is to just set that to 1000 pages which gets me 20,000 records. It doesn’t future proof it but it solves the problem for today…

Have you seen @amurdock’s Excel Macro that imports from BAQs, which avoids the limit? No copy/paste? Refreshes at a click of the button?

Pull REST data into Excel based on values on excel? - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum (epiusers.help)

@bconner once upon a time said:

Since there is still some confusion and concern about maximum result returns in the new web ui and the limits we placed on them in earlier release I thought it would be helpful to give a little more information on what is actually changing in 2022.2 as well as outline the reasoning a little.

Without going into too much detail suffice it to say web applications generally can not download large volumes of data then process it in the browser. This is more than just performance - browsers will simply stop your application if you take too long in your code, by design.

Select-all and export from the ui grid (the data loaded into the grid on your client application) are two patterns in the Classic Kinetic UI that do not translate well to the web without being re-engineered in a different way to avoid sending large volumes of data to the ui. We started with some tight limitations on these behaviors with the plan to loosen them over time as we add more web-native patterns to the application and have been doing so over the last few releases.

In 2022.2

  • Data export from grids are now done as a server side background process like a report and are unlimited. You can run this from a search result or any other grid that is progressively loading data such as landing pages, baq views in dashboards, etc without waiting in the UI or needing to search, select all, and then export. You can log off and return later to find it in your alerts panel for download if it is a truly large volume.

  • Searches include an additional option to specify the max amount of results you want it to return up to 5k. It remains defaulted to 200, but users can tune it when they need to. This is another loosening of the critiera, but not “unlimited.”

We believe this will cover most of the common use cases, but we may return in the future with additional updates to bring more web-native patterns for select uis that do have a clear need / benefit for an “unlimited” style selection.

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We’ve been testing 2022.2.8, and after 5 minutes, it just exported 470k records (our entire list of jobs, I believe!). This is with the initial Job Tracker list view on it’s front page. Job Manager has been unintentionally churning for hours in the test environment, trying to export the parts list from the landing page…

We found a bug (not Working As Designed, despite what the analyst suggests, IMHO). If you have a large database, and you do an unfiltered Export to Excel on a landing page which can represent one of your 1M+ record tables like Parts or Customers, it’ll create a never ending process in the system monitor, even though it says ‘Export Successful, please click on the notifications bar, or something’. Users will then try again many times, since they don’t think it worked. Repeat until your server and end users are crying and submitting tickets ‘Epicor is slow again’, and you kill those tasks with the ‘FX_Del_SysTaskTables’ data fix.

Support this in Ideas! KNTC-I-3156 Kinetic Export to Excel - Limit Results To Prevent Frozen Tasks and Overloading App Servers