External Applications calling E9 Web Services

I am working with a client of mine who is trying to put together an external application (basically, a POS system) that will call Epicor services to link in real-time. Basically, they’ve got a POS application that’s already working, just not with Epicor. So they are wanting to tie into the Epicor Web Services, probably have to do some modifications of the calls, and move forward with that. It’s been years since I’ve done any of this, it’s stretching a bit too far out of my comfort level, and I don’t really have the time to work with it. So I’m wondering if there are any consultants who monitor this group who have both (a) done this successfully in the past and (b) have some bandwidth in their schedule. Spanish language is a plus as the main development team you would be working on is out of Mexico.

If you do, please contact me OFF-LINE!! Let me know what projects you have worked on. If it’s something we can move forward together on, I will ask for references at some point.


Kevin Simon
SimsTrak Consulting