External BAQ can i access a Kinetic database

I have a BAQ that i want to access an external database on. I created an External BAQ. Is there a way to also get the kinetic database in this BAQ?

If not, any ideas of how i can see the data from the external database in kinetic? View, sproc?

You can connect your external source to the kinetic db and get both in a single view. Though this bypasses all of Epicor’s security it is generally not recommended.

What would you recommend doing? I know someone has had to have crossed this bridge before.

What is the problem you are trying to solve? There are a few ways to tackle this

  1. Bring the data into a UDXX table in Epicor
  2. Produce a report externally that looks at multiple data sources (something like Power BI)
  3. Create an External Data Source in Epicor that looks at Both places at once (Stored Proc / View) and bring that in but be cognizant you are killing row level security

The is an existing BAQ that have four queries contained in the dashboard. For one of the BAQ queries in the dashboard they want to pull in external data that will give them dimensions of a part.

In a dashboard you can use Publish subscribe to tied everything together you should be fine