Any of these Ideas appetizing to you all?

I put a few ideas on the Kinetic Ideas page. Out here begging for votes and/or seeing if any are of interest as I don’t know how often you all get around to checking them out. Some of you may have heard one or two of these at the Wisconsin User’s Group a few weeks ago.


Use External BAQ and BAQ in each other in the future BAQ in BAQ functionality, and bring standard tables to External
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Use BAQ query results as BPM dataset in widgets: Fill by query, etc
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KIN-I-4180 This one is a little less likely to be useful to most

Use BAQ query results as BPM dataset in widgets: Fill by query, etc
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KIN-I-4187 per Olga’s suggestion

I gave you a vote on all 3.

The 3rd has my comment:

I propose adding a template / plugin space for these tags.

The main html/js pages would have a dedicated section that would load these at runtime from an controlled location.

About the first idea - in general, to use BAQ from another arbitrary RDBMS we would need to execute it, load the result into the app server, then download it into temp table in the SQL server we work on and then use it in the result query. It is not undoable, but not easy to do either.

The second part about “see the regular Epicor tables inside of an external BAQ rather than bring in the Epicor DB as an external database for viewing.” from development point of view would be a nice separate idea - it is not related to the BAQ as datasources at all.
User could probably check some checkbox to skip security rules and just use internal BAQ as it is designed.

That is personally I don’t like the trend of merging slightly related topics in one idea - there is no limit anymore, but it is much easy to implement one small change.

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I added it as a separate idea - I wasn’t sure if it fit or not as I don’t really know what the original limitations were. In my head a BAQ is just a glorified view where a table is a (joined with UD) table. Seemed like the cross-use between external and internal data sources was the interesting part of the original ideas. But I do know Epicor doesn’t create them as views but stores them inside a table all wrapped up and pieced out, so it is probably not as simple as that.

I see what you mean. UD tables are hidden in internal BAQ - the fields are shown as part of main table and then inner join is created on execution, not views are involved here.