External payroll integration and ADP

We are gathering time data through MES and creating a file through External Payroll integration.

We can’t get ADP to provide us with the method to load this file into ADP Workforce Now.

Is anybody doing a similar method?

We actually are using adp as well but they added a module called time bank for us. We upload the file through time bank and update the information in workforce now.

So you’re creating the file through External Payroll Integration and loading it into time bank.

Besides having ADP add the module do you have any other words of wisdom?

we don’t have the external payroll module but we use a baq and export to excel. And we use the import option under utilities to upload the data. Not sure if that helps or not.

Saw your post RE: ADP external Payroll. You said you use a BAQ to extract data.

ADP wants a ‘Punch File’ field layout: Company; EmpID; Date; Time (24 hrs); Type (Clock-in/out)
Epicor LaborHead has Clock-in & Out of same record. How do you extract this to the ADP layout? Can you share your BAQ? All assistance is appreciated.

Tim - trying to build the BAQ to extract the punches.

Here is the BAQ we are using. This is done in 10.2.700 If you have any questions let me know. We are only looking at the start of the day and end of day.

ADPClockData.baq (19.4 KB)

Glory be.

Thank you


Thank you for the BAQ.

ADP is requesting a sperate record for




You should be able to look labor detail table and you should be good.

Babette, Would you be able to share the columns that are needed for your load? We are trying to load through a csv file and need to know the format that is needed.

As an Epicor Product Manager, I am interested in any #Integration discussions.