Feature question: Approver replying to an email sent via BPM, updates Data

Hello group,

I was looking at a video on 10.2 features and one feature which got my attention, was the ability to reply to an email sent via a BPM , containing Epicor data to approve, back to Epicor.

Situation: An order indicating a 30% discount, which the BPM gets activated to make the order on hold, and send an email to the approver. The email contains the order data, with the discount info.

The approver replies and indicates “Approved” and changes the value of the discount to 25% instead of 30%.

This reply changes the actual data of the order when the user refreshes his order screen !!! The order has now the 25% value !!!

I went wow!:hugs:

  1. What is needed to make this work? (besides being on 10.2…) (Being able to change Epicor data via an email!!! )

ex: Does it only works with MS Exchange, or Outlook. ? (we use MicroFocus… GW)
Does it need a special module to acquire?
I see this being a nice add on for sales and purchasing departments…
But I am concerned about security…:thinking:

Or where can I read about this? I tried to look into Epicweb and did not find so far…



You can do this with Service Connect

And probably with an Office 365 Flow

Right! we just did that… silly me FLOW + REST == WIN!

PS: gonna be showing it / talking about it at Insights session on REST


Link to the video? (if it’s public)

Well it’s Youtube… so I guess it is public…:wink:

by Mark Chinsky

10.2 demo
At the 34:45 mark…

So we are not there yet…will have to read more about it and find out if compatible to our env. More questions to follow… I am sure!



Yeah, it isn’t clear from the video, but I’d wager that’s just a Service Connect Workflow

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Yeah… the functionality seemed to exceed the BPM displayed.

We had this demo’d to us before we bought Epicor. The boss was quite annoyed the feature never showed up as part of the system.

I did get chunks of the necessary components sent to me by an Epicor contact, but management interest had passed by then. We do bits of similar things with Service Connect though.

This is also possible with Slack, which is what we have done.

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