Field security and development

I have a questions about how people handle field security in dev and production. I want to be able to set up security in a dev environment and be able to test, then transfer that over to our production environment. Correct me if I’m wrong but field security doesn’t exist in the solution workbench. Do you guys use DMT or something else to try and keep things synced?

**Question edited because I showed something that was an attempt at a custom way to migrate field security that doesn’t work.

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Are Process Security and Field Security even in DMT?

And obviously using Sec Groups will make your maintenance of them more manageable.

I didn’t see them. So…

Rest has the BO’s, so I might have to go down that route. But between keeping UD_fields and field security in sync between 10 (Yes10!) different systems. It’s a nightmare and is going to bite us in the ass hard soon.


I submitted a Epicor Ideas 1750 to add a Field Security template to DMT.

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For anyone who finds this post later and wants something similar to DMT for Field Security