Firming Jobs

Does anyone know if there is an option to mass firm jobs? When we put in a sales order for a piece of equipment and firm up the top level item, someone has to manually go through line by line firm each individual job. It is flowing from the top down. The process to firm all the jobs for a single top level item can take hours. Any help is appreciated.

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There’s no good built-in solution. You can set jobs to autofirm but that doesn’t work if you want to use the forecast module, because that uses unfirm jobs to drive demand. Firming them basically means your part allocation and negative availability gets messed up.

We originally built a custom form that allows the planner to select a date range and firm /mass print. That could be one direction.

Lately I’ve implemented a BPM that runs when MRP complètes, that firms any new jobs created that are linked to sales order releases. That’s another possibility.

Have you looked at Job Status Maintenance to filter by all unfirm jobs and then mass firm all of the jobs you have selected from the search filter?

We have looked at the Job Status Maintenance. The issue that we have is there are hundreds of unfirm jobs and no identifiers that indicate the exact jobs needed for the top level item.

In case it’s useful, I posted the code I used in the end thanks to a lot of peoples’ help. A BPM watches for MRP to finish and then does this:

Steve, thanks for the info. Out of curiosity, how many jobs are required for a top level assembly in your line of work? I really question at times if the number of jobs we have is proving to be counterproductive.

You could write a quick search and use the top level as the filter and then select the jobs that belong to that parent from the quick search results

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Sorry, only just saw this. We pretty much do a job for the parent and its assemblies, using an MES mod to roll up all the assemblies’ operations; a make-to-job child job for a customer fastener kit related to the parent; and then 1 to 6 kanban receipts that are automatically called (IE invisible to the operators) for anything that is cut from raw material.

The issue with us is a takt time of 10 minutes or so - we can’t afford to have operators starting and stopping dozens of production activities.

So in a given team, each week we might have 3000 parent items made to order, and that would be about 6000 jobs plus another 6000-10000 Kanban receipt items.