Flash Report?

Does anybody have a Vantage-integrated 'Flash' accounting report that they
can share?

My controller wants a report that he can run on any given day that will show
him the following information by company and consolidated (for all three of
our Vantage companies):

Data Column Headings

Sales = Previous Week MTD YTD

Direct Labor hours = Previous Week MTD YTD
Machine Utilization = Previous Week MTD YTD
Back Order = <7 Days <14Days <30days <60days
Sales projection = <7Days <30Days <60days
Head Count

I have started working on this report, and I have figured out how to get
some of it using ODBC and Access. My problem is with the direct labor
hours. I feel kind of dumb, but I cannot figure out what kind of filter or
query will give me the direct labor hours MTD and YTD (this is Fiscal Month
and fiscal year). I could do this with Sales, because the invoice captures
the Fiscal period and fiscal year, so I could use that in a filter.
However, the Labor details table does not capture the FY and FP since we do
not use vantage for payroll. Any thoughts on how to capture this info?

Regarding machine utilization, I have no clue and haven't even thought about
how to go about it yet.