Font issue - topics are hard to read

The topic font has recently (last week I think) switched to a grey colour which is hard to read. Any easy fix?

I use dark mode! Go to Profile > Preference > Interface > Theme.

Thanks @NateS , that is much easier to read.

I didn’t know about that setting.

Edit - I marked @NateS post as a solution but it’s a work-around.

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I noticed the change as well but once I logged in, dark mode took effect and I could read everything again.

That’s partially my fault. I started working outside occasionally, because #MinnesotaInTheSummer and I can’t see the screens when they are in dark mode (which is what I prefer normally). I noticed the discourse has a feature that can allow the site to switch based on the browser, which can switch based on your system settings (so one switch to control all the dark modes!). So I asked @josecgomez to mess with it to see if it would work. Ultimately the themes we currently have set up don’t work with that setting, so we gave up. But in the process, he might have messed up some of the CSS that controls that. I’m sure he’ll fix it when he gets some time to take a look at it.


Damn it @Banderson this is why we can’t have nice things I’ll fix it…:rage:

Work inside form now on is healthier for you


Thanks, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

The road to hell is paved with bad font choices.

While you’re at it, how about some Comic Sans to spice things up?

This should be fixed now, though no Comic Sans… shudder

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Maybe for April Fools.

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Maybe for April Fools Halloween.

Looks great, I tested all the modes just to be sure.