For the Love of God Fix the Anchors on Grids

Ever since Version 8 there is no easy to way (frankly there isn’t even a hard way) to set Anchors on Grids and have them auto resize with the form without spending 10 thousand hours fiddling with it.
They automatically expand past the border of the form (or any container)
They shuffle and shift around and hide and move again and are just down right hateful
And if by accident you touch any of the built in grids in particular in Order Entry you can kiss the rest of your day good bye trying to put it back.

I have scrapped and restarted entire giant customization because I’ve accidentally touched the main grid half way through and not noticed and the time investment in fixing the grid wasn’t worth it.

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Pleeeeeeeaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeeeee! I don’t mean to be obnoxious, but the pain is real!!!

If I recall, most of these are panels within panels within panels. Not sure why, but each panel sometimes has code that dictates how it works instead of using the standard layouts and anchors. @josecgomez is rigjt!

Everytime I believe I am done with a Customization… I open up Custom XML Editor and Remove anything that I know shouldn’t be there… Even opening Options during Customization Mode will secretly save all your settings and apply to everyone etc…

Before you think your done… Always Inspect / Clean Custom XML… :slight_smile:

Even moving the Screen on a 32in Monitor will set it to open for everyone at pixel 2010 lol… I always make sure I get those cleanup, painful but yah.


Had to do this the other day.


I don’t suppose if anybody knows if this has been improved in the latest Epicor (10.2 400 at the time of writing (?

I doubt it with the kinetic move a lot of UI stuff is gonna get ignored I wager

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Is this what you are referring to?

I sure hope not. It would take Epicor years to move everything to Kinetic, and until then, we have this bug that is a royal pain to work around.

Thanks for this Bernie - I have spent a ton of time today wrestling with an anchoring issue in 10.2.300.5 where it worked beautifully in the customization but as soon as a personalization was applied it went to crazy town. Going to table my efforts to fix it and get this new version in place.