Force RowMod on Quote/Order lines

Hi all!

Is it possible to force the value of the RowMod (to “D”) of the Quote/SO/PO via BPM?
I’m trying to do a massive delete of the lines.
I tried to do a BPM via the Update method but I couldn’t find a way to set the parameter.
I can set a variable to the same value of the RowMod (with the ‘Set Argument’) but I can’t set the RowMod to a variable (in this case “D”) with the ‘Set Field’ or ‘Set by Query’…

Can someone help me? Thanks!

it is possible to use the Quote.UpdateEXT to do this… you have to create a dataset, but only need to populate the required fields (QuoteHed.Company, Quote Number, and RowMod). By creating the dataset with these three fields, and then calling UpdateExt, the system will delete… be careful… it will do it!

Thanks! I’ll let you know asap if this works!

I’m trying finally to do this but I can’t understand how using a Dataset for the QuoteHed will make possible to delete the lines (QuoteDtl) for that specific Quote.
I want to delete some lines of the Quote, not the Quote itself