Free Live Dashboard?

We want to display current lead times on a TV screen. My first thought was a kinetic dashboard, but that would consume a license constantly. The second thing we tried was a google sheet, which worked great with live updates. But after a few hours the ‘live updates’ connection goes idle and it won’t pick any up until its refreshed. That wouldn’t be a problem if it was a desktop with a full browser, because I could install a plugin that auto-refreshed the page. But the smart TV browser doesn’t support that.

What do you guys do for displaying a few bits of data, for free and in real time?

I’ve used grafana for this:


Google Charts using Javascript, and the Rest API a BAQ.


Using the API would have saved us a butt-ton of trouble. We built a python script to run a query against the DB and used a raspberry pi to call & display it, refreshing it every minute. When the query hit an error causing it to run for 5 minutes instead of 5 seconds, SQL server eventually overloaded and crashed, bringing the whole system down. Took forever to find the culprit, too - we thought we were being hacked etc.

So don’t be like bob


So does that auto-refresh or do you have a script/plugin that reloads the dashboard?

each dashboard has auto refresh settings you can update.

Right, so this has been tripping me up. There is the data refresh, i.e how often the dashboard imports the data and there is the client screen update. When grafana pulls in new data from the data source, does it push out an update to the TV, or is it up to the TV to check periodically for updates?

If memory serves me right, the data refresh and dashboard refresh are independent.
The dashboard refresh is what will refresh the tv.

Seconding Grafana. We use it for a multitude of dashboards displayed throughout the production floor. Works great, very flexible, doesn’t consume an Epicor seat. Use a browser add-on to periodically refresh the screen at whatever interval you determine is applicable.