Freight forwarders

I suspect that this post will generate very few replies, but I’m asking nonetheless. Epicor ERP seems to have very little functionality with respect to freight forwarders, and what the application actually does have seems not to be interconnected to any other functionality where it would be useful. The freight forwarder information in Site Configuration apparently does not automatically populate into a new customer record or a new customer ship-to record, so entering any information there seems not to serve any worthwhile purpose without introducing customization. Likewise, any freight forwarder information entered in a customer record or a customer ship-to record apparently does not automatically populate, and cannot be retrieved, into a sales order as a ship-to address, so entering any information there also seem not to serve any worthwhile purpose. With respect to freight forwarders, we need to improve our capabilities to gather and document shipping information for export compliance and sales tax compliance. So, I’m wondering if I am completely missing some key aspect of the application that enables a whole bunch of “bells and whistles”. Has anyone been able to make good use of the existing functionality, either “as is” or with enhancing customizations? I’m open to any and all suggestions!

My understanding of the Manifest Info is that it only really works for shipment integration with UPS, FedEx, etc.

Have you thought about making your Freight Forwarder a Customer and using their Ship To as an Alternate Ship To for other Customers?

Your mention of Manifest Info reminded me that I wanted to ask specifically about both Kinetic 2021 and Quick Ship Pro. Has the base application or the shipping module been enhanced in any way with respect to freight forwarders?

Regarding your suggestion, I had not thought of that approach, but I like it and I think it’s definitely worth exploring. Thanks, John! Like I said, I’m open to any suggestion.

I believe that 2021.x are just uplifts to Kinetic UI no or little changes to the business objects.

OK, let me re-phrase my last question, since I really did not properly ask what I intended to ask. Has this functionality been enhanced in any way since 10.2.200, either in the base application or in the shipping module?