Frideas for 3 May 2024

On Friday, it’s EpiUsers Frideas Day! Have you been to the Epicor Ideas Portal recently? If so, are there some ideas you want to encourage other users to vote for? Maybe want to add comments to an existing idea? Election season is upon a large percentage of the globe, so VOTE.

It’s Friday (in the Pacific zone anyway), and time to get your votes in!!! There were some good ones this week.

Note that there’s a new URL for Epicor Ideas:

If you mean Australia maybe :rofl:

It’s 7pm pacific time right now on Thursday :wink:

Ok it’s Friday night…

I have a few…

Provide better search in Menu maintenance

  • ability to search and return ALL menus for easier updating of customisations on similar menus to provide constancy

Using Solution Manager to copy Menus does not update Menu Description

  • Copying a system menu that you may have altered the description on (for example adding a suffix to denote to the end user that it has a customisation). The description does not get copied even though the updated customisation does

Provide ability to delete call log records (with some sort of security control)

  • There is no way in the UI to delete a call log record, mark it void etc (there is a method for it but it throws an error). End user makes a mistake (for example put the log record against the wrong quote or customer) Only way currently is to delete the contents and leave a blank entry.

Improve performance of Report Data Definition Maintenance

  • Appalling slow performance using RDD maintenance…It has improved but it is still slow. (for example, loading, copying, saving)

I also noticed this one here which was expired, I think it makes sense…

Export function, without the entire library

  • You only have the ability to export and import an entire Function library instead of individual functions.

Haven’t submitted this one, but it would be handy to have a syntax error or warning come up if you are using Db.SaveChanges() and the table does not have the update flag checked. Thoughts?

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For the love of god give cloud customers a reasonable way to migrate custom reports from one environment to another. Solution workbench is a truly horrific piece of software. Between the no “do this for all” option on the prompt on and no option to package rdls themselves (outside of a report style), its almost completely unusable for trying to migrate all your custom reports from one environment to another after a refresh. I say cloud customers because for on prem we have Jose’s lovely tool.


You know…

Uh Oh Cough Cough GIF by Seforathemodel

Thank goodness this isn’t a drinking game.

So, you are saying that isn’t the reason the @Mark_Wonsil is always drunk?!?!?! :laughing: :rofl:

Below are a few I submitted this week:

Enhance “Find” within Job Entry (KIN-I-4865)
The ability to right-click in the Job Tree and “Find Assembly Part” is available.

Can we expand this functionality with additional “Find” options?

  • Find Assy Number
  • Find Material Part


Add Assembly Navigation to Job Entry/Tracker Activity Tab (KIN-I-4861)


Bring Back Ability to Mass Delete Job Materials/Ops (KIN-I-4873)

Previously (in Classic) you could select multiple rows in the grid view of Job Materials/Operations, and delete multiple rows at once.

In Kinetic, this functionality was lost and they have to be delete one at a time.

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I think this is a generic issue not specific to jobs:


Yeah, that’s correct… Kinetic currently only deletes the row that is in-focus. I’ll update my idea to reflect this.

This should really be a bug, but support insisted I create an idea instead…
Expanding a Group in Dashboard Grids should not crash the browser when there are a large number of results

Virtual scrolling within a grid should show a loading spinner when rows are being rendered

That would be ShnOps, not DevOps.

Ok that one made me giggle, how long did you stew on that one?

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Voted for both!

Speaking of bugs that support said to make an Idea for: Fix Kinetic Home Page links

How does this only have 2 votes?

OK, no offense everyone, but I’m more inclined to vote if you (briefly) summarize the idea here in the thread.

There is a search. But it only returns one item. The real ask here is for the search to give many results - like all instances of “Customer.” And that makes sense.

Epicor does not have a means to mass ship transfer orders” is the gist of that one.

Also, it doesn’t?!

[Checks it out…]

WOW, it does not! Reason 3,954 why everyone hates transfer orders.


Fair Point @JasonMcD


The only thing is that it does try to encourage people to click on the link and login or login an register to Epicor Ideas…

Personally I think the Fideas concept itself is a great way to get people to engage…Just like you have @JasonMcD :slight_smile:

I am all for making a better tool for people to run their business and not get frustrated by the tools they have at their disposal, not to mention not to accept mediocrity when faced with a problem, that has been solved by competing products. Not being able to multi delete is a good example.


I try to put the gist in the link description but I get your point I’ll try to be more descriptive.

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@Randy @Hally

You know, I say this, and yet there are so many times there will be a post on this site (not related to Ideas) where the title is “BAQ” or something super vague and I read that, whereas if the user is actually descriptive and verbose, I’m like TL;DR.

So maybe I am a hypocrite after all.

We can always strive to be better… In whatever it is s we do…