Frideas for 7 June 2024

On Friday, it’s EpiUsers Frideas Day! Have you been to the Epicor Ideas Portal recently? If so, are there some ideas you want to encourage other users to vote for? Maybe want to add comments to an existing idea?

SSRS Reporting for Duty…or is that :poop:? :thinking:
KIN-I-5057 - Replace SSRS

Add your thoughts to the Workflow Engine
KIN-I-1470 Workflow Engine

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As we continue our move to the browser, we are chasing the DevOps dream and starting to write end-to-end tests using Playwright. The most difficult part with automated testing is having a reliable locator for screen elements. The new UX creates elements on the fly and duplicate labels or inconsistent ordering makes tests more brittle. Adding accessibility labels would first, make the Kinetic UI compatible with screen readers, but has the added benefit of making automated tests more reliable. This idea requests we add an Accessibility section to the component properties to add labels to let the vision-impaired navigate screens.

If you might want to do automated testing to reduce your upgrade times or want to make Kinetic more accessible for the visually imparied, consider voting for this idea.

KIN-I-2891 Add ARIA-Labels


117 votes already, but still gauging interest after 14 months, so I’ll pander for more:

KIN-I-3355: Block leading spaces as IDs

A couple recent comments reminded me of it. Thank you @klincecum @Noffie

Edit: to abide by my own rule and actually describe the Idea: Kinetic allows a space to be the first character of a primary key field, like part numbers and bin names. This leads to MANY problems (even irreversible ones), as I and others describe in the Idea and its comments.


This one’s at 80 and still gauging interest as well.

Allow more color options for fields in Kinetic grids

I also really like the idea behind this one
Improving the Epicor Kinetic Active Home Page ‘Open in new tab’

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I wonder how much those added spaces will affect AI training… We need clean data for good AI results after all!



Here’s an idea from our weekly Epicor internal discussion - Hot off the keyboard!

Add Time Zone Suffix to Time Fields


We have multiple locations in different time zones. When looking at the system monitor, change logs, or reporting, it’s not clear to the users what time is being shown.
This suggestion is to add a boolean flag and select a time zone dropdown in Site Configuration. If true, then display the record’s time zone in the time field (e.g. 14:32 CDT, 15:32 EDT, 19:32 UTC, etc… ).