Fulfillment workbench and allocating by lot numbers

I am working with Fulfillment Workbench and am looking to use it to allocate manufactured parts to a sales order by the Lot Number (which is the Job Number). I checked the grid for Order Fulfillment and it doesn’t show Lot Number anywhere, not even under the Personalization area (looking for a hidden field).

Is there any way to allocate manufactured parts to a Sales Order by Lot Number? We take most of our parts to Stock for a few reasons. We need to allocate parts from a particular Lot to a certain Sales Order because we create customer labels line-side.

@Beth , did you try the actions menu option?

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I was actually using Reserve which doesn’t allow you to reserve by lot number. I remember using Allocate by Lot/Bin before. I was following the instructions for this in the Advanced Material Management Course.

We are an OEM so each part number is associated with 1 customer. If two customers buy the same part (divisions of the main customer), we have created another part number by adding a different suffix, ex. 1234A and 1234B. We want to get away from doing that, if we can. Everything is good except that we label our cartons on the line with Customer information including customer PO number. This poses problems for shipping and for also for scheduling because if the floor runs the wrong job, the system shows we have parts in stock for an order when those parts are really for a different order. I believe Part Allocation would solve this issue.

using lots and allocating the part/lot to the customer would work. take a look at pcid too, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. The parts can be added to a pcid, the pcid is allocated to the order.
just remember to check outbound container on the PCID config screen.

Thanks, Bryan! I’ll check that out. PCID is on our list of things we need to look at soon. We line-side label and this is part of what it’s meant to do.