FW: OT-SURVEY: IT Staffing

Thanks again to all those that responded to my "survey". I can't tell you
how much this has brightened my day after wasting the better part of the
weekend trying to move to 5.1! I am going to share some of the results with
our company president and propose finding a solution to our problem - either
hire someone full time, or find an outside computer tech to learn our
network/Vantage and be able to dedicate a day or so a week to stopping in
and writing reports, upgrades, tweaking the system, etc.

For those Vantage users in the Fort Wayne/South Bend area that may be in the
same boat I am - is there any interest in finding a local independent
network/computer consultant that could learn Vantage and assist us (and your
company) in network/computer/Vantage issues (or is there someone already out
there that I'm not aware of)? Misha1 and others do a very good job on large
projects, however, it would be nice to find someone local that not only
could work on networks/computers, but on Vantage too (day to day issues)- no
offense Calvin!


Rick Ludwig

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After a frustrating weekend of trying to convert from 4.0 to 5.1 by myself,
I was curious how many companies of similar size have an IT person on staff
- either part or full time? I am the controller and a CPA, but AM NOT a
computer guru (I've learned most of what I know about networks & computers
in the 3 years I've been here)! Following is a brief outline of our company

* Manufacturer with 3 plants - total headcount of 160
* 5 servers company-wide (one at each remote site and 3 at our
corporate location - one running Vantage/data storage, one mail server & one
Citrix server) w/ LAN in place
* 35 desktops company-wide (20 using Vantage, 4 of which are using
Citrix to connect remotely)
* We are planning on implementing Data Collection and getting our
third location up and running on Vantage via Citrix late this year
* We do use an independent computer consultant for problems that our
beyond my "limited" expertise, but on an as-needed basis and he is not
always available to be on site when needed (he is not familiar with Vantage)

Before I approach the company president with my frustrations and my thoughts
to hire someone, I'd like your feedback.

Thanks in advance!


Rick Ludwig

Corporate Controller
Metal Spinners, Inc.
Angola, IN 46703
DIRECT (260) 665-2192 x225
FAX (260) 665-5327

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