FW: Report builder & the quote module

I have the report working now, I added some filters to narrow the quoted
qty field to limit it to pick only one of the price breaks instead of
selecting all of them.

Thanks everyone, My RB innocence is showing through


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Subject: Report builder & the quote module

Hi all,
We started using the quote module in vantage at the beginning of
this year and I am finally able to get around to working on some reports
in Report Builder. I am fairly new with Report Builder and will be
taking a class to learn more about it. However, I would like to gain
some experience and get some working reports made before then. (informed
questions are always good for class)
I am finding that I am having some difficulty writing a report
that will give me an accurate break down of estimated hours quoted per
workcenter. Whenever I add a join, I find that duplicates crop up and
throw off my totals. I am sure that I'm probably doing my joins wrong.
So any help would be appreciated.
I am attaching my report to this message. I am currently on
Vantage 4.00.904 and progress 9.0B29. I'll be installing 5.2 on a new
server to begin testing, but, I would like to get something working on
4.00, were I am more familiar, before jumping into the new pond.


Douglas G. Dikeman
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