General Ledger

Hello everyone,

Any one able to help me with this one as EpicCare are dragging their heels massively.

The GL report runs perfectly but doesn’t display anything. I don’t get any errors. We have two companies (Teagle Machinery Ltd, Teagle Holdings Ltd) it runs and displays on Teagle Machinery Ltd but if you change company and run this on Holdings. You get the message “COMPLETE” but the report doesn’t display. I can’t find any errors to go and check what is happening…

All the best,

Hi Aaron,

It’s hard to say what is wrong, probably it something which is different in the 2 companies and not creating problems for daily business but creating a problem for the report. Can you check the following:

  1. do you have the same chart of accounts in Machinery and in Holdings Company ?
  2. do you have same account categories in both companies ?
  3. do you have the same books in both companies ?

If you filter on accounts (to get report sections), having different accounts will impact on the report. Same on filtering on books or on account categories. Especially the account categories as they do not create any problem on daily business and are used for reporting only.
Also make sure there is nothing hard-coded in report (like give account list where bookID = and this does not exist in holdings = nothing comes out).

Did Epicor Support say anything yet ?