Generating PCIDs and printing with SSRS

We would like to use SSRS to print PCID labels. I set up a new Report Style for SSRS under PCIDGenerator, but I am not seeing it as an option in Report Style drop-down in the PCID Generator form (only Standard Bartender). I tried adding the printer for the warehouse as an SSRS printer to the Report Style, but that didn’t help.

The issue is that I was using the PCIDGenerator report style, when I was supposed to be using GenPCID. Not sure why there are two, but it’s working now.

Resurrecting an old one here.

I am trying to do the same thing, but I am having issues. When you created the new Report Style for GenPCID, did you use the existing RDD? Or did you create a new RDD and change the Report Type dropdown to SQL Server Reporting?

I copied the Report Style, changed the Report Type to SQL Server Reporting, and then created a new RDD (copied from Base) and changed the Report Type to SQL Server Reporting and I’m getting no data from the various PkgControl tables. However, I am getting data from the Company table.

I also had to manually create an SSRS report and clicked the dreaded Sync Dataset button in Report Style Maintenance to get the tables into the .rdl. Maybe that is the reason I’m having issues? I can’t review the report tables generated in the SQL Reports database because they are being purged immediately and I have no way of Archiving them.

If you are doing this on your test system perhaps altering the System Agent Purge frequency may help.

The purge in seconds was already at 15 minutes, so I bumped it to 60 minutes and will test again. Does this setting control how quickly they are removed from the SQL reports database? Report Builder is complaining that the table name + GUID doesn’t exist, so when I check the SQL the tables aren’t there.

It’s been a while since I did this but I remember trying to use the existing RDD and giving up.

I wound up making a BAQ report and having it auto-print when a new PCID is created.

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That’s where I’m headed too. The purge settings change still didn’t allow me to see the GUID tables in SQL and I’m still not getting data in the report. Off to create a BAQ. Thanks everyone!