Get Details on updated MOM

We build our (large) BOMs in EWB, so it is stored in MOM. Then we copy it over into a job using Get Details. Sometimes during a job, we end up adding items to the BOM / MOM in EWB.

Issue is getting that updated MOM into the ongoing job - if we run Get Details again, there does not appear to be a way to have it automatically recognize which items / quantities are already on the job and which are not. So either it does nothing, or it re-adds everything again, or we manually have to select individual items to append.

How would I go about getting Epicor to automatically add only the missing items?

Is the condition only that the new MOM contains additional Materials? Seems like there are lots of possibilities that could happen and you need to know how you want to address each, before figuring out how to do it.

Conditions could be any combo of the following:

  • Qty of existing Material increased
  • Qty of existing Material decreased
  • Materials added (new Mtl line)
  • Materials Removed (existing Mtl line deleted)
  • Materials Changed (PartNum changed on existing Mtl line)

And how do you wish to handle any issues to the job that already happened?

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I don’t believe that this is possible once you have the BOM in the job (without deleting the components). If you have not done any work on the job yet (issues, labor, etc), you can right click on the tree and delete the entire BOM, and then “Get Details” again.
But, if the details already exist, I believe you will need to manually fix the job. If any of the already-issued material part numbers CHANGED, then you will need to ADD the material as a new component.

Another trick is to create a NEW job, and then change the original job to a Job-To-Job into the new job. Then issue it job-to-job, moving all previous costs into the new job.


Yes agreed it could get complicated to do all those things. I’m looking to only have it automatically add new subassemblies and materials… either by some option with Get Details, or maybe a custom function that we’d have to code.

Tim, your trick intrigues me. But I’m seeing potential for duplicate production… Eg -
I have 100 subassemblies and materials in the initial job
Then add 100 more to the MOM
I create the 2nd job with all 200 items
If I assign the 1st job as Job-To-job, would the 2nd job automatically know to fill the demand with output from the 1st job, even if the first job isn’t yet complete?

So something like the configurator does when a product is reconfigured.

I’d start by trying to make the functionality just check the jobs current details against the MOM of the same PartNum and Rev, displaying a notice if a difference is found. Then add on complexity (1st: list the differences, 2nd: add the missing materials to an unreleased job, 3rd: unrelease/Add Mtls/re-release a released job, etc …)

I recently ran across this. It might help. :man_shrugging:

This isn’t a solution for this problem. But, I just re-discovered something I hadn’t used in years and that would help define the problem. The Revision Compare screen can show differences between a Part Revision and a Job.

Thanks Andrew, yes this looks like it could help check for discrepancies. However I’m seeing it isn’t reporting quantities right. Before I open a ticket with Epicor, do you or anyone else have a comment on why the Revision Compare total QtyRequired value would be incorrect for the job? Example…

This error is consistent for all the subassemblies whose parent qty is greater than 1.

Am I missing something or is this a bug? Thanks

I just tried a few assemblies in our system, and they seem to be reporting qty more or less as expected, not with the quirk that yours seems to show. But, we mostly have unique jobs for each subassembly and have View As Assy checked on most parent assemblies. So, maybe that makes a difference. Your screenshots show Rev 0 and Mtl Seq 0, which might be what you want, but that’s not what we would typically have on our MOM.

Thanks Andrew. We have the parts set to both Pull as Assembly and View as Assembly.
We ended up submitting a ticket. Epicor acknowledged it is a bug, to be fixed in future version.

I don’t understand. I think it does a good job of that.

Here’s a quick test I did. I created the job and then deliberately deleted off the last two materials (seq 140 and 150). When I do Get Details again, I get an orange box on the revision screen, and then it checks off only what is not there (see pics below). I didn’t manipulate this at all. Then I click OK and it added only those.