Get Jobs from WorkQueue by Code

Instead of doing some crazy BAQ to calculate which jobs are current, available and expected, is there a way to grab those directly from the work queue using a customization, or code of some sort?

No doubt you have have worked this one out by now. You can use the WorkQueue.GetRows method. The RegionCode gives you the different status:
Region 1 = Current work ( if started or complete or 1st operation on assembly without children),
2 = Available work (if preceding operation actual qty > 0),
3 = Expected work. (none of the above ),
4 = Current work with current shop employee working on it (I think this goes in the Active Work Tab on the Work Queue form)

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Hi @Hally,

I’ve created a BAQ that I have been asked to get filtered down to the current work queue. Meaning, I only want to show the operations that are in the current work queue. Is the best way to go about this by making the BAQ updatable and then creating a BPM on the GetList method in pre-processing? I feel like there are multiple ways to go about this but am unsure of the best way to do this.

Would also like to add that I tried hitting the API to retrieve all jobs where RegionCode eq 1 and received an error. Is this still the way things are done?

Any insight is appreciated!

Try GetOpsInResourceGroup

This was a while ago…I’ll have to go back and take a look. Sorry for not replying earlier, as far as the best way…The aim these days would always be to ensure you don’t need a classic customisation layer on top. Using an Updatable BAQ has merit… Others with more experience and expertise may have other suggestions.