Getting "modified by another user" error in BPM before messagebox is even reached

I’m trying to make a fairly simple BPM that changes a msc charge amount when the expected order qty changes. I use a GetByID to load all the msc charges, and then a Fill Table by Query to copy the msc charge I want chagne to the ds. I get the “Row has been modified by another user and couldn’t be updated” error before my messagebox appears.

Do I have to do this on post processing and not pre??

Filling the dataset without committing it (i.e. an Update afterwards) will simply do that; modify the row without committing it. I bet that’s the issue

Hmm, I’m marking it as updated, and since it was pre-processing I thought I could piggy back on the update that the BPM is attached to. I’m worried about unintended recursion if I add an update?

Try it in post processing, let me see if I can find an example that is similar