GL - Advance Billing Deposit

First off - I know nothing about the GL - but I am tasked with making stuff work the way Accounting wants it to work…

So I hope someone can help.

When Entering an advance billing deposit, “Accounts Receivable-Of” is debited the adv billing amount and “Deferred Revenue-Of” is credited. Accounting wants the credit to go against a different Account. Do the posting rules need to be changed? Can “Account Segment Mapping” be used? I do not know where to begin :disappointed_relieved:

Hey Bernie,

Look at GL Controls. It’s a code that applies to a particular document and it indicates the GL Accounts used. The Posting Engine uses these codes to find accounts but you can do more there if needed. In this case, GL Controls should do the trick.


Hi Bernie,

As per Mark mentioned, look into GL Control setup.
i) Select type > AR Account.
ii) You might have few control codes and you need to go through all the control code.
iii) I just give one example. You select the Company Default, and in the Account Context, go to Deferred Revenue. You can change the account here.


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